OTCWF has been offering agility classes since 2007 and are excited to be the only organization in this area of Texas/Oklahoma to offer this type training. Our agility instructors have all been training and trialing for several years, and they all compete at the highest levels of agility. We have three large fenced areas used solely for our agility classes, and we keep all of our equipment in great working order and meeting AKC requirements. We welcome spectators to classes, but please call ahead if you are coming, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to provide cooperative weather conditions. Our start times may also sometimes change due to extreme heat or cold.


PUPPY AGILITY (For puppies 6-12 months old)

Puppies and handlers will learn basic agility commands and maneuvers through fun and play. Puppies will be introduced to sights, sounds, and techniques which will help to develop their athletic ability without stressing baby joints. Clickers, treats, and toys will be used as motivators. Puppy Agility class sessions run concurrently with our regular obedience class sessions. Contact us for days and times

BEGINNER AGILITY (For dogs 12 months and older) 

Note:  Dogs entering this class must have already completed Beginner Obedience. This class will cover (among other things) getting your dog to focus on you, quick downs, circle left, circle right and the 1-2-3-GO game. We will also address proper stretching and preparation for agility events. Positive motivation will be demonstrated and taught using clicker techniques, treats and toys. Beginner Agility classes are offered 3-4 times per year, depending on what other classes are in session, current weather conditions and demand. Current meeting time for this class: Thursday evening—contact us for exact time

LEVEL 2 AGILITY (For dogs 12 months and older) 

This class teaches basic obstacle work, basic handling skills and communication. Dogs need to have a good sit, stay and recall and must be able to work off-lead around other dogs. Current meeting time for this class-Wednesday evenings--contact us for exact time

LEVEL 3 AGILITY (For dogs 15 months and older) 

This class is for dogs who have mastered Level 2 agility and are comfortable on most obstacles. This course concentrates on solid obstacle performance, handling skills, sequencing and motivation. Current meeting time for this class-Tuesday Evenings at 6:45PM

ADVANCED AGILITY (For dogs 15 months and older) 

This class is for those students that have completed the Level 3 class and are starting to trial on a regular basis. Dogs must be taking all required equipment with confidence and consistently weaving 12 poles. Class moves quickly and focuses on handling skills, while instilling consistency and confidence in both dog and handler. Current meeting time for this class-Tuesday Evenings at 8:15PM



  • PUPPY AGILITY: Contact us for exact date
  • LEVEL 3 AGILITY: Ongoing
  • LEVEL 4 AGILITY: Ongoing

Some class starting dates vary according to current demand, instructor availability, and weather conditions.  Please contact us for detailed information.  Thank You!

All classes are conducted at our dedicated training facility at 974 Springlake Road, Wichita Falls TX.

Note:  Because of high demand and limited enrollment space for Beginner Agility, please call or email in advance to be placed on our list.  Thank you!

To sign up for any of the above agility classes, please call the Obedience Training Club at 940-851-0694 or use the form below to contact us.

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