Obedience training club of wichita falls, inc. (OTCWF)

Obedience training for dogs in Wichita Falls was originally performed by two separate clubs.  In 1973, the two club merged to form The Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls, Inc. (AKA: OTCWF).  The merger involved applying to the State of Texas for incorporation as a non-profit organization and applying to the American Kennel Club (AKC) for affiliation.  Since that process in 1973, OTCWF has operated as a 501c4 non-profit organization with American Kennel Club affiliation.

The club offers a myriad of dog-related training services to the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area. OTCWF has no paid employees. All instructors and assistants are club members and volunteers. OTCWF guidelines require the lead instructor in each class to have trained and shown a dog, earning an appropriate AKC title before instructing a class. Most of the instructors have multiple titles on multiple dogs.


The current membership of OTCWF is approximately eighty (80) members.  With very few exceptions the dogs owned by club members are registered with American Kennel Club.  Many club member dogs are purebred, but there are also many mixed breed, rescued, or shelter dogs.  These dogs (classified as All American) are registered under the AKC Canine Partners program.  All AKC registered dogs are eligible to participate in AKC performance events and earn AKC titles.  Some members show their dogs in Conformation Shows, and some participate in other dog related events, such as Obedience, Rally, Agility, Nosework, Barn Hunt, Tracking, Herding, and Agility TDAA, which is for smaller dogs.  The members also participate in seminars of various kinds to gain knowledge on dog related subjects.


OTCWF offers reasonably priced obedience classes to the general public for their companion dogs.  Club members teach these classes.  All classes are conducted using positive methods and AKC Guidelines.  OTCWF also offers AKC Canine Good Citizenship preparatory classes and evaluations conducted by OTCWF members who are qualified to certify those participating in the evaluation.  In addition, OTCWF offers classes to prepare dogs for evaluation for therapy work in recognized, registered organizations. 


In 1982, OTCWF joined forces with the City of Wichita Falls, Parks & Recreation Department to better serve the public of this area. The OTCWF current obedience and rally classes can be found on the City of Wichita Falls Parks & Recreation website.  The P&R Department registers students for the OTCWF Obedience and Rally classes and publishes a quarterly booklet, which includes advertising about the OTCWF classes. In addition, OTCWF advertises its classes in the local newspaper: The Times and Record News.  Students come to OTCWF from not only Wichita Falls but from surrounding communities in Texas and Oklahoma.  Go to the Classes Link to read more detail regarding our training classes in Obedience and Rally.


OTCWF began offering Agility Classes to the general public in 2007.   OTCWF does not partner with the City of Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation for these classes.  OTCWF provides all the publicity for their Agility Programs.  Classes are advertised in the Wichita Falls Times and Record News. Classes are taught using AKC Guidelines with the focus for students to compete at AKC Sanctioned trials. Go to the Classes Link for more information regarding the OTCWF Agility Program. 


Many OTCWF members not only conduct classes, they also compete on a regular basis in AKC Sanctioned Obedience, Rally, and Agility Trials within Texas and adjacent states.  Several members hold multiple AKC titles at all levels of Obedience, Rally, and Agility.  One OTCWF member is an AKC Agility Judge.  Some members have qualified and competed at the prestigious AKC National Competitions in various years.  Go to our NEWS Link to read about some of these activities.


As well as training classes, OTCWF offers performance trials, all sanctioned by American Kennel Club each year. 

  • Beginning in 1973 OTCWF now offers Three Obedience Trials and three Rally Trials in February of each year
  • Beginning in 2007 OTCWF now offers Twelve Agility Trials each year - 3 in April, 3 in June, 3 in August, and 3 in December.


These trials are held in the Wichita Falls Multi-Purpose Event Center (MPEC). These trials are well advertised in local news media, as are the classes conducted by OTCWF. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.  There is no admission charge and families are encouraged to attend; however, dogs not entered in the competition are not allowed to accompany their owner.

An inquiry into the archives of the local newspaper (Wichita Falls Times and Record News) identified fifty-one (51) stories mentioning activities of OTCWF and its members.

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