Community Outreach and Club Enhancement Programs

OTCWF works throughout the year in the Wichita Falls area bringing information on dog related subjects to the public.  OTCWF uses AKC supplied material and information to help with their mission.  The following is a list of the events OTCWF members are involved with on a regular basis.  Also, take into account all of the number of volunteer hours that have go into participation in these events and classes.  If you love dogs - come join us!

To put further emphasis on everything we do, at every one of these endeavors, we have our loyal, calm, well trained fur partners at our sides. When we draw attention out in public, it is not because our dogs are dragging us, choking themselves, or menacing the general public. It is because they are there with us, as part of the team. They do obedience demos, agility demos, square dance, therapy visits, or just go for a walk in the park — in each instance they are there as good representatives of the Canine Good Citizens they are. The dogs are always willing to show their skills, just as the member on the other end of the lead is willing to offer assistance when questions are asked concerning problems which might be addressed during various outings.

  • Agility Classes — Monday through Thursday each week except when weather or holidays trump the classes. These classes include Puppy Agility, Levels 2, 3,4, 5, & 6 - the higher the number, the more difficult the skills required to compete.  Educational
  • Obedience Classes— These classes include Basic Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Advanced Obedience and Rally, Canine Good Citizen, and Rally Classes. Educational
  • Supports other dog related organizations:  Humane Society of Wichita County, Animal Services of Wichita Falls, P.E.T.S. Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic, PAWS for Greatness, Texas Pit Crew, Emily's Legacy,  Humane Society of Young County and others.  The support may be in supplies, donations, building use, advice and other.  Assistance and Support
  • Works with the student population at Sheppard AFB, offering opportunities to assist with our Agility Trial by helping with the operation of the rings at the trials.  Attends Community Appreciation Days and activities at Sheppard Air Force Base.  Outreach
  • Partners with the City of Wichita Falls, Parks and Recreation Department, in addition to our registration activity, our dogs often visit the summer camps and open houses sponsored by the P&R group.  Outreach
  • Partners with Hospice of Wichita Falls.  Annual attendance at Camp Grin Again for Children and other activities and visits as needed at the Hospice facility or in homes with Registered Therapy dogs.  Outreach
  • Annual Booth & Club Members at Wichita County Fair — in conjunction with AKC Responsible Dog Ownership — Distribute Literature and advice.  Outreach
  • Bark for Life Cancer Walk — Fall each year. Distribute Literature and provide literature and advice.  Outreach
  • Midwestern State University, Moffett Library – Finals Weeks -  Therapy Dogs provided stress relief for students during finals week.  Outreach
  • Be Safe Around Dogs Program - offered to the elementary schools of the area to prevent a program designed by AKC to prevent dog bites to children.  Outreach

Also, our members frequent every form of performance and conformation event. They support other clubs with their entries in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Herding, CAT Tests, Barn Hunt, Conformation, and Charity Walks — just mention dogs welcome, and someone from OTCWF will be there. Not only do we support with entries, but many volunteer as workers at various trials. We like to give a whole new meaning to “Active Member”. 

Now, just to put a little more emphasis on this, each set of classes requires a minimum of 10 instructors/helpers — up to 12. That times 5 sets of classes per year times minimum of 8 hours per session (does not include setting up for orientation, or prepping for each class) = 480 hours. This also does not include building clean up, meeting prep, grounds prep, etc.

Agility Classes allowing for several weeks of too darned hot, too darned cold, too darned wet, if we average out at 40 weeks x 2 instructors per class x 5 classes per week = a minimum of 400 hours — again this does not include grounds care, setting up fields which usually takes between 1 1/2 and 2 hours or seminar workers.


We have a very active group that visit with their registered Therapy Dogs.  These teams must be registered with a recognized Therapy Dog Organization after: an examination of the dog by their vet, and an evaluation of the team, to prove they have the necessary skills to do this important work.   Our Therapy group members visit individually or in groups.  One of the most requested group visits is the Drill Team.  The Team does an Obedience Drill to music and then performs a Square Dance in accordance with a Caller for the Dance set to music.  Yes, that is correct - the dogs really dance with their partners - the owners.

However, a lot of people prefer the one on one visit with a caring person escorting a sweet dog, who just wants to snuggle.  If you have a need for a Therapy Dog visit - either group or single, please contact Shara Humpert at or call 940-782-0667.

If you are interested in working with your dog as a Therapy Team - you must first attend a Basic Obedience Class, a Canine Good Citizen Class, and then the Therapy Dog Preparation Class which is offered at the 2nd & 4th sessions of OTCWF classes.  If you and your dog have trained elsewhere, please contact Shara Humpert and discuss your dogs training and level of skill with her.