2016 Standing Rules

Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls, Inc



Rule 1 Standing Rules:

a.    Each year the Standing Rules will be published in the February issue of the Club newsletter for the Club member’s review.  There will be a discussion of the Standing Rules at the February meeting and any required revisions will be incorporated into The Standing Rules.

b.    The revised Standing Rules will be voted on by written ballot at the March Club meeting and will take effect immediately.

c.     See the By-Laws, Article IV, Section 5 for information regarding Standing Rules.


Rule 2 Financial:

a.    At least three members of the Board of Directors, one of which is the Club Treasurer shall approve all expenditures other than normal operating expenses prior to the expense being incurred.

b.    When a member expends funds for normal operating expenses, they shall furnish receipts to the Club Treasurer within thirty (30) days.  This includes Club credit card purchases, as well as requests for reimbursement of personally expended funds.


Rule 3 Dues:

a.    Membership dues for a new member shall be ($40).

1)    This amount includes the purchase of a club T-shirt for the new member in the next club clothing order. Purchase of a club shirt is mandatory for membership.  If the new member desires a more expensive shirt, they may pay the additional amount.

2)     Dues paid by a new member in the last quarter of the calendar year shall be deemed as payment for both the current and the next calendar year.  This will not exceed fifteen (15) months.

b.    Junior Membership dues shall be Ten Dollars ($10) per year.

c.     Renewal Membership dues shall be Twenty Dollars ($20) and are due on January 1st of each year.  Members not paying dues by the February meeting will be dropped from membership and must re-apply for membership in accordance with Article I, Section 2 of the By-Laws.

d.    Collection of all dues is the responsibility of the Treasurer.

e.    See the By-Laws, Article I, Section 2 for additional information regarding dues.


Rule 4 Meetings:

a.    Board of Director Meetings shall be the second (2nd) Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The location of the meeting will be the club building.  Any change in the location shall be communicated to the members prior to the meeting.

b.    Club Meetings shall be the third (3rd) Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. The location of the meeting will be the club building.  Any change in the location shall be communicated to the members prior to the meeting.

c.     See the By-Laws, Article II, Sections 1 and 3 for additional information regarding meetings.







Rule 5 Members Training Dogs:  Only members who meet the requirements detailed below shall be entitled to train their dog at a reduced charge as listed below.

  1. Reduced rate training is provided there is sufficient room in the class.  Decisions regarding sufficient room are at the discretion of the instructor of the class.  The reduced charges shall be as follows:

1)    Puppy Kindergarten – No Charge

2)    Obedience classes – No Charge

3)    Rally classes - No Charge

4)    Nosework class – No Charge except for a nominal Supply Fee

5)    Special Member’s Only Classes – No Charge

6)    Conformation classes – No Charge

7)    Puppy Agility - No Charge – 8 Weeks

8)    Foundation Agility - $25.00 – 4 weeks

9)    Level 1 Agility - $60.00 – 10 weeks

10) Level 2/3/Advanced Agility - $55.00 5 Weeks or $12.50 per class


  1. Members must meet the following three (3) requirements to receive reduced rate classes for club members.  Any member who does not meet these requirements may attend any class session, but must pay the normal class attendance fee.


1)    Join:  Be a Member of the Club for at least six (6) months;

2)    Attend Meetings:  Attend at least six (6) Club meetings within the prior twelve (12) month period.  (Note:  Members who have a personal circumstance that prevents them from attending membership meetings may submit a request for waiver of this requirement to the Board of Directors).

3)    Work at Club Activities a minimum of three (3) activities within the prior 12 month period:  Activities Include:

a)    Instructor of any class at least one complete session or,

b)    Instructor’s Assistant of any class at least two complete sessions or,

c)    Work at other Club activities at least three separate times such as:

d)    Working in the rings any Club performance trial,

e)    Working at a raffle, information, or hospitality table at a Club event,

f)     Presenting or helping with a program at Club meetings,

g)    Participating as a Club member in a community event, such as a Fair, Trail Walk, Therapy Visit, etc,

h)    Cleaning inside or outside the Club building on scheduled workdays,

i)      Helping with a Club seminar.

j)      Other Club activities as appropriate.



Rule 6 Record Keeping for Members Training Dogs:

The Club Secretary shall keep a Club meeting attendance record of all members and a record of all members who qualify to train their dog as detailed in Rule 5 above. This record shall be compiled from:

a.    Meeting attendance sheets, which are the responsibility of each individual member to sign at each meeting,

b.    A list of class instructors, assistants, and leash salespersons, which shall be the responsibility of the Obedience Chairperson to furnish to the Club Secretary at the end of each session of obedience classes; and

c.     A list of members who participated in Club functions, which shall be furnished to the Club Secretary by the Committee Chairperson in charge of such Club function.


Rule 7 Award Plaques:

a.    Members who obtained an AKC performance title after being a member for at least one year shall be entitled to receive a title plaque at the Christmas dinner.

b.    Each dog is eligible to receive one original plaque.  The plaque may include a photograph either a 5x7 or 8x10 size.

c.     Thereafter, all additional titles shall be recognized by an engraved plate suitable for attachment to the original plaque.

d.    Any member desiring an additional plaque for an additional title earned by the same dog, rather than an engraved plate, may do so by reimbursing the Club for the cost of the plaque.


Rule 8 Performance Seminars:

a.    Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the Club may reimburse one-half the enrollment fee for a member of our Club to attend a performance seminar, or one-half the entry fee per person should two members wish to attend.

b.    The member(s) must agree to present a synopsis of the seminar as a program to the general membership.

c.     The maximum amount to be reimbursed by the Club for such seminar, whether it is attended by one member or two, shall not exceed $100 and shall be paid after presentation of the synopsis of the seminar.





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